By Eugene Trivizas


PREMIERE: November 22, 2014
Dimitris Horn Theater

Co-production with Lykofos Theater Company.

On an island, a secret society of preventive measures is determined to exterminate all black cats to rid the place of the scourge of bad luck. They almost achieve their goal. Only one black cat remains alive. A cat that knows a terrible secret. Its pursuers are determined to find it, trap it, and kill it. They are ruthless! They are organized! They are merciless! But even the last black cat does not give up! It is resourceful! It is flexible! It has seven lives! An exciting adventure from the beloved poet of fairy tales, combining lyricism with humor, emotion with mystery, despair with hope! “The Last Black Cat” has been described as a harsh “indictment” against racism, prejudice, superstition, and fascism, ultimately leading to genocide. What could be more timely, contemporary, and timeless than such a tale?

Eugene Trivizas reveals to children the deep roots of racism, analyzes the real causes, points out the political and economic interests it serves, all through a charming, entertaining, and captivating adventure. He doesn’t stay on the surface; he doesn’t speak simplistically. He employs humor, imagination, sensitivity, emotion, and allegory to initiate us into the causes of this destructive phenomenon that plagues Greek, and not only Greek, society.


Text stage Adaptation: Venia Stamatiadi

Direction: Kostas Gakis, Athena Moustaka, Konstantinos Bimbis

Set and Video Design: Michaela Liakata

Costumes: Vasiliki Syrma

Music: Kostas Gakis

Choreography: Kiki Baka

Lighting: Melina Mascha

Music Production and Sound Design: Stefanos Tortopoulos

Cast (in alphabetical order):
Artemis Grympla
Amalia Kavali
George Kissandrakis
Kleitos Komodikis
Fotis Lazarou
Kostas Maglaras
Sotiria Marathou
Alkiviadis Bakogiannis
Nicholas Papadomichelakis
Victor Petsas
Live Electronics (On-stage Musician): Stefanos Tortopoulos

Production: George Lykiardopoulos-Ilias Latsis Production Organization: Katerina Berdeka Production Coordination: Angelika Kapsabeli Assistant Directors: Agapi Iliadou Production Assistant: Marianthi Bairaktari

The book “The Last Black Cat” is published by Metaichmio.